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Short Episode Guide for Family Matters

1st season (1989-1990)
2nd season (1990-1991)
3rd season (1991-1992)
4th season (1992-1993)
5th season (1993-1994)

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6th season (1994-1995)
7th season (1995-1996)
8th season (1996-1997)
9th season (1997-1998)
1st season (1989-1990)

The Mama Who Came to Dinner (episode 1)
Mother Winslow moves in with Carl, Harriette and clan.
First aired Friday, Sep 22 1989

Two Income Family (episode 2)
Harriette loses her job, forcing the family into austerity measures.
First aired Friday, Sep 29 1989

Short Story (episode 3)
Rachel's first published short story hits too close to home.
First aired Friday, Oct 6 1989

Rachel's First Date (episode 4)
Widowed Rachel has her first date.
First aired Friday, Oct 13 1989

Straight A's (episode 5)
Eddie's straight A's aren't what they appear to be.
First aired Friday, Oct 20 1989

Basketball Blues (episode 6)
Carl pushes reluctant Eddie to play basketball.
First aired Friday, Nov 3 1989

Body Damage (episode 7)
Rachel and Harriette wreck Carl's patrol car.
First aired Friday, Nov 10 1989

Mr. Badwrench (episode 8)
Carl and Eddie try to install a new shower.
First aired Friday, Nov 17 1989

Stake-Out (episode 9)
Harriette gets jealous of Carl's gorgeous stake-out partner.
First aired Friday, Nov 24 1989

False Arrest (episode 10)
Carl has a run-in with an egotistical TV star.
First aired Tuesday, Nov 28 1989

The Quilt (episode 11)
Laura sells a quilt Grandmother Winslow considered an heirloom.
First aired Friday, Dec 8 1989

Laura's First Date (episode 12)
Laura makes more dates than she can accommodate.
First aired Friday, Dec 15 1989

Man's Best Friend (episode 13)
The kids bring home a stray dog that chews on everything.
First aired Monday, Jan 8 1990

Baker's Dozen (episode 14)
The family tries to fill an order for thousands of lemon tarts.
First aired Thursday, Jan 11 1990

The Big Reunion (episode 15)
Carl diets to prepare for his high-school reunion.
First aired Tuesday, Jan 23 1990

The Party (episode 16)
Eddie has a party while his parents are away.
First aired Saturday, Feb 3 1990

The Big Fix (episode 17)
Eddie persuades Laura to date a guy he's indebted to.
First aired Tuesday, Feb 20 1990

Sitting Pretty (episode 18)
Laura's baby-sitting service floods the house with children at a bad time.
First aired Friday, Feb 23 1990

In a Jam (episode 19)
Eddie tries to protect a friend from a bully.
First aired Friday, Mar 16 1990

The Candidate (episode 20)
Eddie places image over integrity in his class-president bid.
First aired Tuesday, Apr 17 1990

Bowl Me Over (episode 21)
The men vie with the women in a bowling match.
First aired Monday, Apr 30 1990

Rock Video (episode 22)
The family helps Eddie make a video for a contest.
First aired Monday, Apr 30 1990

2nd season (1990-1991)

Rachel's Place (episode 23)
Urkel's mistake destroys the local burger hangout.
First aired Sep 21 1990

Torn Between Two Lovers (episode 24)
Steve develops a crush on Rachel.
First aired Friday, Sep 21 1990

Marriage 101 (episode 25)
A class project pairs Laura with Urkel.
First aired Friday, Sep 28 1990

Flashpants (episode 26)
Carl practices for a dance contest.
First aired Friday, Oct 5 1990

The Crash Course (episode 27)
Steve takes the blame for Eddie's car accident.
First aired Friday, Oct 12 1990

Boxcar Blues (episode 28)
Carl is trapped in a boxcar with cattle and Steve.
First aired Friday, Oct 19 1990

Dog Day Halloween (episode 29)
Robbers take Laura and Steve hostage.
First aired Friday, Oct 26 1990

Cousin Urkel (episode 30)
Steve's cousin likes Eddie.
First aired Friday, Nov 2 1990

Dedicated to the One I Love (episode 31)
Laura is jealous of Steve's attention to another.
First aired Friday, Nov 9 1990

The Science Project (episode 32)
Steve and Laura team up on a science project.
First aired Friday, Nov 16 1990

Requiem for an Urkel (episode 33)
Urkel stands up to a bully.
First aired Friday, Nov 23 1990

Fast Eddie Winslow (episode 34)
Pool-hall bullies pick on Eddie; Steve is his only hope.
First aired Friday, Nov 30 1990

Have Yourself a Merry Winslow Christmas (episode 35)
Steve writes a note for the Winslows to open on Christmas.
First aired Dec 21 1990

Ice Station Winslow (episode 36)
Carl, Eddie and Steve go ice-fishing.
First aired Friday, Jan 4 1991

Son (episode 37)
Eddie disregards his grounding to keep a date.
First aired Friday, Jan 11 1991

Do the Right Thing (episode 38)
Steve questions tutoring a basketball player that Laura likes.
First aired Monday, Jan 14 1991

High Hopes (episode 39)
Steve thinks he can cure Carl's fear of heights.
First aired Friday, Feb 8 1991

Life of the Party (episode 40)
Steve's punch is spiked at a party.
First aired Friday, Feb 15 1991

Busted (episode 41)
Steve and Eddie gamble to fund Eddie's car repairs.
First aired Friday, Feb 22 1991

Fight the Good Fight (episode 42)
Laura's campaign for a black history course spurs racism.
First aired Friday, Mar 15 1991

Taking Credit (episode 43)
Steve takes credit for tutoring Eddie.
First aired Friday, Mar 22 1991

Finding the Words (episode 44)
A man from Rachel's and Harriette's past arrives.
First aired Monday, Apr 1 1991

Skip to My Lieu (episode 45)
Carl wants a promotion; Lt. Murtagh wants to date Rachel.
First aired Thursday, Apr 25 1991

The Good, the Bad, and the Urkel (episode 46)
In a dream, Carl and Steve duel over a compost heap.
First aired Friday, Apr 26 1991

I Should Have Done Something (episode 47)
Steve schemes to take Laura to a popular concert.
First aired Friday, Apr 26 1991

3rd season (1991-1992)

Boom! (episode 48)
Urkel rescues an orangutan from lab experiments.
First aired Friday, Sep 20 1991

Brain Over Brawn (episode 49)
For Laura, Urkel and an athlete vie in rope climbing.
First aired Friday, Sep 27 1991

The Show Must Go On (episode 50)
In a school play, Romeo Steve anticipates kissing Juliet Laura.
First aired Friday, Oct 4 1991

Words Hurt (episode 51)
Sleepwalking Urkel undergoes hypnosis.
First aired Friday, Oct 11 1991

Daddy's Little Girl (episode 52)
Laura falls for Carl's new partner, but Urkel is nearby.
First aired Saturday, Oct 19 1991

Citizens' Court (episode 53)
Steve sues Carl for killing his pet beetle.
First aired Friday, Oct 25 1991

Robo-Nerd (episode 54)
Urkel's robot double falls for Laura.
First aired Friday, Nov 1 1991

Making the Team (episode 55)
The rejecting basketball team needs Urkel.
First aired Friday, Nov 8 1991

Born to Be Mild (episode 56)
Steve and Carl trail punks who trashed Rachel's place and beat up Eddie.
First aired Nov 15 1991

The Love God (episode 57)
Steve thwarts Eddie's potential romance; Carl is undercover in drag.
First aired Nov 22 1991

Old and Alone (episode 58)
Laura dreams of life 75 years in the future.
First aired Friday, Nov 22 1991

A Pair of Ladies (episode 59)
Carl's boss sets Urkel up in a poker game.
First aired Friday, Nov 29 1991

Choir Trouble (episode 60)
Rachel faces her first Sunday as choir director.
First aired Friday, Dec 6 1991

Test of Friendship (episode 61)
Urkel helps Eddie cheat on a test; Carl sleeps through a robbery.
First aired Jan 10 1992

Jailhouse Blues (episode 62)
Eddie's cousin gets Eddie and Urkel arrested.
First aired Friday, Jan 10 1992

Brown Bombshell (episode 63)
Urkel's prison pen pal visits and mistakes Carl for Steve.
First aired Friday, Jan 17 1992

Food, Lies & Videotape (episode 64)
Urkel bakes bread in a cooking class.
First aired Friday, Jan 31 1992

My Brokenhearted Valentine (episode 65)
Dejected Urkel learns Laura is dating a Romeo.
First aired Friday, Feb 7 1992

Woman of the People (episode 66)
The incumbent blackmails student-council candidate Laura.
First aired Friday, Feb 14 1992

Love and Kisses (episode 67)
Hoping to win Laura, Urkel makes a deal with Johnny Gill.
First aired Friday, Feb 21 1992

Stop in the Name of Love (episode 68)
Waldo dates Laura after getting an ego-boost from Urkel.
First aired Friday, Feb 28 1992

The Urkel Who Came to Dinner (episode 69)
House guest Urkel meddles in Winslow family affairs.
First aired Friday, Mar 13 1992

Robo Nerd 2 (episode 70)
Urkel's robot double fights crime; a new shampoo changes the women.
First aired Apr 24 1992

Dudes (episode 71)
Urkel, Eddie and Waldo appear on a TV dating show.
First aired Friday, Apr 24 1992

Farewell, My Laura (episode 72)
Urkel's '40s detective yarn puts him and Laura in the leads.
First aired Friday, May 1 1992

4th season (1992-1993)

Surely You Joust (73)
Carl and Urkel vie on ``American Gladiators.''
First aired Friday, Sep 18 1992

Dance to the Music (episode 74)
Urkel can't take Laura to a dance; Harriette's piano teacher irks Carl.
First aired Friday, Oct 2 1992

Driving Carl Crazy (episode 75)
Student driver Urkel enlists Carl as teacher.
First aired Friday, Oct 9 1992

Rumor Has It ... (episode 76)
Urkel is determined to quash a rumor about Laura.
First aired Friday, Oct 16 1992

Number One With a Bullet (episode 77)
Carl and Urkel share a hospital room.
First aired Friday, Oct 23 1992

Whose Kid Is It Anyway? (episode 78)
Eddie fails to take Richie trick-or-treating.
First aired Friday, Oct 30 1992

An Officer and a Waldo (episode 79)
Eddie and Urkel try to get Waldo out of boot camp; Harriette and Carl catch a shady repairman.
First aired Friday, Nov 6 1992

Just One Date (episode 80)
Urkel sits on the Winslow roof until Laura dates him.
First aired Friday, Nov 13 1992

The Oddest Couple (episode 81)
Urkel and Eddie become roommates.
First aired Friday, Nov 20 1992

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Urkel (episode 82)
Laura's guardian angel shows Laura what it's like to be Urkel.
First aired Friday, Dec 11 1992

Muskrat Love (episode 83)
Eddie breaks a date, hurting feelings; Carl gives Harriette fitness gear.
First aired Friday, Jan 8 1993

Hot Wheels (episode 84)
Urkel's glue invention ruins Laura's date.
First aired Wednesday, Jan 13 1993

The Way the Ball Bounces (episode 85)
A college woos athlete Eddie; Laura forgoes sleep to study for a Harvard-entrance exam.
First aired Friday, Jan 22 1993

A Thought in the Dark (episode 86)
Urkel falls for the cousin of Laura's boyfriend.
First aired Friday, Jan 29 1993

Tender Kisses (episode 87)
A singer falls for Eddie; Urkel and Carl probe Harriette's diary.
First aired Friday, Feb 5 1993

Heart Strings (episode 88)
Laura lets Urkel be her valentine.
First aired Friday, Feb 12 1993

It's a Mad, Mad, Mad House (episode 89)
Eddie's teacher suspects the Winslows are dysfunctional.
First aired Tuesday, Feb 16 1993

Higher Anxiety (episode 90)
At a party, Urkel, Eddie and Waldo get trapped on a fire escape.
First aired Friday, Feb 19 1993

Mama's Wedding (episode 91)
Eddie mistakenly throws a teen party on Mother Winslow's wedding day.
First aired Friday, Feb 26 1993

Pulling Teeth (episode 92)
Waldo dates Laura's friend Maxine; Richie tries to get rid of a baby tooth.
First aired Friday, Mar 5 1993

Walk on the Wild Side (episode 93)
Laura gets into a strip joint where Urkel accidentally winds up performing.
First aired Friday, Mar 26 1993

Hot Stuff (episode 94)
Myra makes a play for Urkel; Eddie unwittingly buys a stolen stereo.
First aired Friday, Apr 30 1993

Stormy Weather (episode 95)
Urkel hopes his prom date doesn't find out he's known as a nerd.
First aired Friday, May 7 1993

Buds 'n Buns (episode 96)
Urkel takes Laura's advice and commits to Myra.
First aired Friday, May 14 1993

5th season (1993-1994)

Hell Toupee (episode 97)
Myra accuses Laura of trying to take Urkel away from her.
First aired Friday, Sep 24 1993

It Didn't Happen One Night (episode 98)
Urkel drives Laura to a Cincinnati cheerleading competition.
First aired Friday, Oct 1 1993

Saved by the Urkel (episode 99)
Urkel saves electrocuted Carl.
First aired Friday, Oct 8 1993

A Matter of Principle (episode 100)
Myra transfers to Urkel's school; Harriette faces job loss.
First aired Friday, Oct 15 1993

Money Out the Window (episode 101)
A tough guy tries to collect Eddie's gambling debts.
First aired Friday, Oct 22 1993

Best Friends (episode 102)
Urkel and Eddie try to boost Waldo's self-esteem.
First aired Friday, Oct 29 1993

Grandmama (episode 103)
Eddie dumps Urkel as his partner in a basketball tournament.
First aired Friday, Nov 5 1993

Dr. Urkel and Mr. Cool (episode 104)
Urkel becomes cool after drinking a potion.
First aired Nov 11 1993

Car Wars (episode 105)
Laura poses as a male to deal with a used-car salesman.
First aired Nov 19 1993

All the Wrong Moves (episode 106)
Urkel and Laura take dates to a drive-in movie.
First aired Friday, Nov 19 1993

Christmas Is Where the Heart Is (episode 107)
Urkel tries to bring Christmas spirit to the Winslows.
First aired Friday, Nov 26 1993

Scenes From a Mall (episode 108)
Myra makes her move on Urkel at the mall.
First aired Friday, Dec 10 1993

Rock Enroll (episode 109)
Eddie decides to forsake college for a singing career.
First aired Friday, Dec 17 1993

Like a Virgin (episode 110)
Friends tease Eddie about his innocence.
First aired Friday, Jan 7 1994

Good Cop, Bad Cop (episode 111)
Two cops harass Eddie; Urkel creates havoc at the dentist.
First aired Friday, Jan 14 1994

Presumed Urkel (episode 112)
Urkel is accused of blowing up the school chemistry lab.
First aired Friday, Jan 21 1994

Father of the Bride (episode 113)
Carl dreams Laura and Urkel have four little Urkels.
First aired Friday, Feb 4 1994

Psycho Twins (episode 114)
Urkel and Carl enter the ring as wrestlers; guests the Bushwackers.
First aired Friday, Feb 11 1994

That's What Friends Are For (episode 115)
Waldo is upset when Eddie wins a college scholarship.
First aired Friday, Feb 18 1994

Opposites Attract (episode 116)
Urkel develops hiccups after being robbed.
First aired Friday, Mar 4 1994

A-Camping We Will Go (episode 117)
Urkel tags along on Carl's camping trip; Harriette seeks a job.
First aired Friday, Mar 18 1994

Nunsense (episode 118)
Urkel's repeated spurnings prompt Myra to enter a convent.
First aired Friday, Apr 1 1994

Aunt Oona (episode 119)
Urkel's accident-prone aunt visits.
First aired Friday, Apr 29 1994

Stefan Returns (episode 120)
Desperate Laura asks Urkel to become his suave alter ego.
First aired Friday, May 6 1994

6th season (1994-1995)

To Be or Not to Be (episode 121)
Carl steps into Urkel's transformation chamber.
First aired Friday, Sep 23 1994

To Be or Not to Be (II) (episode 122)
Carl faces life as a nerd.
First aired Friday, Sep 30 1994

Till Death Do Us Apartment (episode 123)
Eddie moves into an apartment with Waldo.
First aired Friday, Oct 7 1994

The Looney Bin (episode 124)
Helping a homeless man traps Urkel and Carl in a bomb shelter.
First aired Friday, Oct 14 1994

Beta Chi Guy (episode 125)
A fraternity wants Eddie to ditch Urkel.
First aired Friday, Oct 21 1994

Dark and Stormy Night (episode 126)
In a Halloween tale, Urkel is a medieval duke battling vampires.
First aired Friday, Oct 28 1994

Par for the Course (episode 127)
Carl thinks Urkel is schmoozing Carl's boss.
First aired Friday, Nov 4 1994

Sink or Swim (episode 128)
Urkel, who fears water, must pass a mandatory swimming course.
First aired Friday, Nov 11 1994

Paradise Bluff (episode 129)
Sweethearts Urkel and Myra start rolling over a cliff in their car.
First aired Friday, Nov 18 1994

Flying Blind (episode 130)
Carl and Urkel must land a plane after their vengeful pilot bails out.
First aired Friday, Nov 25 1994

Cheers Looking at You, Kid (episode 131)
Urkel tags along with Laura and a guy to cheerleading finals in Omaha.
First aired Dec 12 1994

Miracle on Elm Street (episode 132)
Richie brings home a homeless person on Christmas.
First aired Friday, Dec 16 1994

Midterm Crisis (episode 133)
Urkel and Eddie eat Waldo's final exam, a cake.
First aired Friday, Jan 6 1995

An Unlikely Match (episode 134)
Urkel heads a bone-marrow drive to help a classmate who has leukemia.
First aired Friday, Jan 20 1995

The Substitute Son (episode 135)
The transformation machine turns Urkel into a karate expert to fight bullies.
First aired Friday, Feb 3 1995

The Gun (episode 136)
Assaulted Laura wants to buy a gun, and Urkel tries to stop her.
First aired Friday, Feb 10 1995

Wedding Bell Blues (episode 137)
Urkel and Carl try to prevent a jilted friend's suicide.
First aired Friday, Feb 17 1995

Ain't Nothing but an Urkel (episode 138)
Urkel turns into Elvis, not Einstein, when an experiment flops.
First aired Feb 24 1995

My Uncle the Hero (episode 139)
Laura and jealous Myra fight over Urkel at a surprise party.
First aired Friday, Mar 3 1995

My Bodyguard (episode 140)
Carl is Urkel's bodyguard; the boss's daughter comes on to Eddie.
First aired Friday, Mar 17 1995

What's Up Doc? (episode 141)
Counseling determines Urkel is the source of Winslow family strife.
First aired Friday, Mar 31 1995

We're Going to Disney World (episode 142)
The gang goes to Walt Disney World for an inventors contest.
First aired Friday, Apr 28 1995

We're Going to Disney World (episode 143)
Urkel's alter ego must tell Myra he plans to marry Laura.
First aired Friday, May 5 1995

They Shoot Urkels, Don't They? (episode 144)
Carl and Steve face off in a charity dance marathon.
First aired Friday, May 12 1995

Home Sweet Home (episode 145)
Urkel's genetically engineered termites escape after he moves in with Eddie and Waldo.
First aired Friday, May 19 1995

7th season (1995-1996)

Little Big Guy (episode 146)
Urkel's failed experiment accidentally causes him and Carl to shrink.
First aired Friday, Sep 22 1995

The Naked and the Nerdy (episode 147)
Naked Laura and Urkel unexpectedly meet in the shower.
First aired Friday, Sep 29 1995

Bugged (episode 148)
Urkel, fearing Myra's jealousy, hides his attraction to a fellow bug collector.
First aired Friday, Oct 13 1995

Teacher's Pet (episode 149)
Stefan Urquelle calms an unruly class when Steve tries to substitute teach.
First aired Friday, Oct 20 1995

Walking My Baby Back Home (episode 150)
Urkel plays go-between for Eddie and his girlfriend; guest Ziggy Marley.
First aired Friday, Nov 3 1995

She's Back (episode 151)
When Steve goes to Russia, his Southern-belle cousin Myrtle (Jaleel White) visits the Winslows.
First aired Friday, Nov 10 1995

Hot Rods to Heck (episode 152)
A suave senior likes Laura; Urkel challenges him to drag race.
First aired Friday, Nov 17 1995

Talk's Cheap (episode 153)
Waldo persuades Steve, Myra and Laura to appear on a talk show to discuss romance.
First aired Friday, Nov 24 1995

Struck by Lightning (episode 154)
Being struck by lightning three times keeps Urkel from going outside.
First aired Friday, Dec 8 1995

Best Years of Our Lives (episode 155)
Steve volunteers to build the senior-class float for the homecoming parade.
First aired Friday, Dec 15 1995

Fa La La La Laagghh! (episode 156)
Carl allows Steve to decorate the Winslow house for the Christmas display contest.
First aired Friday, Jan 5 1996

Friendship Cycles (episode 157)
Steve must learn how to ride a bike in order to go on a class trip with Myra.
First aired Friday, Jan 12 1996

South of the Border (episode 158)
Waldo's trip south of the border goes awry and lands him in jail.
First aired Friday, Jan 26 1996

Life in the Fast Lane (episode 159)
Steve destroys Carl's garage after mistaking Laura's diet pills for vitamins.
First aired Friday, Feb 2 1996

Random Acts of Science (episode 160)
Steve and Carl turn into dual Bruce Lees to protect themselves from thugs.
First aired Friday, Feb 9 1996

Tips for a Better Life (episode 161)
Steve poses as Stefan to get a job at a local coffeehouse.
First aired Friday, Feb 16 1996

Swine Lake (episode 162)
Eddie reluctantly takes ballet lessons to improve his basketball skills.
First aired Friday, Feb 23 1996

My Big Brother (episode 163)
Urkel becomes a Big Brother to a fourth-grader who cannot read.
First aired Friday, Mar 8 1996

Eau de Love (episode 164)
Steve uses an aphrodisiac to cast a passionate spell over Laura.
First aired Friday, Mar 15 1996

Twinkle Toes Faldo (episode 165)
Waldo enrolls in tap dancing lessons to improve his agility.
First aired Friday, Mar 29 1996

Scammed (episode 166)
Eddie and Waldo get a surprise when they go to a bar to see the Chicago Bears.
First aired Friday, Apr 26 1996

Dream Date (episode 167)
Steve and Laura, both dateless for the senior prom, decide to go with each other.
First aired Friday, May 10 1996

A Ham Is Born (episode 168)
Carl lands a film role when he moonlights as a movie-set security guard.
First aired Friday, May 17 1996

Send in the Clone (episode 169)
Steve gets a big surprise when he accidentally clones himself. (China Forbes' video ``Ordinary Girl'' premieres at show's end.)
First aired Friday, May 17 1996

8th season (1996-1997)

Paris Vacation (episode 170)
Steve's teleportation device puts him and the Winslows in Paris.
First aired Friday, Sep 20 1996

Paris Vacation (episode 171)
Steve's teleportation device puts him and the Winslows in Paris.
First aired Friday, Sep 20 1996

Paris Vacation (episode 172)
Carl's rescue of hostage Steve sends the pair to many Paris landmarks.
First aired Friday, Sep 27 1996

Movin' On (episode 173)
Urkel fits in with his new college friends but pines for Laura.
First aired Friday, Oct 4 1996

3J in the House (episode 174)
The Winslows realize their feelings for 3J when he runs away from the group home.
First aired Friday, Oct 11 1996

Getting Buff (episode 175)
Eddie learns a revealing lesson when Greta takes a part-time job.
First aired Friday, Oct 18 1996

Stevil (episode 176)
Ventriloquist Steve's look-alike dummy comes to life on Halloween.
First aired Friday, Oct 25 1996

Karate Kids (episode 177)
As a playground supervisor, Steve has a hard time controlling the bullies.
First aired Friday, Nov 1 1996

Home Again (episode 178)
A New Edition concert helps Stefan and Laura's long-distance relationship.
First aired Friday, Nov 8 1996

Nightmare at Urkel Oaks (episode 179)
Myrtle's wealthy father pressures Eddie to marry her.
First aired Friday, Nov 15 1996

Chick-A-Boom (episode 180)
Myra mistakes Steve's powdered explosive for pepper.
First aired Friday, Nov 22 1996

The Jury (episode 181)
Carl and Steve serve on the same jury.
First aired Friday, Nov 22 1996

It Came Upon a Midnight Clear (episode 182)
Carl and Steve get lost in the woods while looking for a Christmas tree.
First aired Friday, Dec 6 1996

Revenge of the Nerd (episode 183)
Laura plans to join a sorority then learns Steve is their favorite target.
First aired Friday, Dec 13 1996

Love Triangle (episode 184)
Best friends Laura and Maxine are attracted to the same guy.
First aired Jan 17 1997

Father Time (episode 185)
Carl alters history when he and Steve go back in time.
First aired Friday, Jan 17 1997

Beauty and the Beast (episode 186)
Myrtle enters a beauty pageant Harriette is coordinating; guest Emmanuel Lewis.
First aired Friday, Jan 31 1997

Le Jour d'Amour (episode 187)
Urkel narrates romantic vignettes featuring the Winslows and friends.
First aired Friday, Feb 7 1997

What Do You Know? (episode 188)
Eddie's plan misfires when he transforms into Urkel to compete on a game show.
First aired Friday, Feb 14 1997

Odd Man In (episode 189)
Carl invites Harriette to join his poker game; Steve covers for Eddie at work.
First aired Friday, Feb 28 1997

Flirting With Disaster (episode 190)
Eddie falls for an older woman; Steve jeopardizes Carl's homeowner's insurance.
First aired Friday, Mar 14 1997

Pound Foolish (episode 191)
Steve tries to help his Aunt Oona (Donna Summer) shed a few extra pounds.
First aired Friday, Mar 28 1997

The Brother Who Came to Dinner (episode 192)
Carl learns his wayward brother (Ted Lange) is in trouble with the law.
First aired Friday, Apr 25 1997

A Pirate's Life for Me (episode 193)
Steve's time machine sends him and Carl back to a pirate ship.
First aired Friday, May 2 1997

9th season (1997-1998)

Out With the Old (episode 194)
Laura bids on Steve at a sorority auction; Harriette gets a promotion.
First aired Friday, Sep 19 1997

They Shoot Ducks, Don't They? (episode 195)
Carl and his boss go duck-hunting; Urkel tags along.
First aired Friday, Sep 26 1997

Dumb Belle of the Ball (episode 196)
Reluctantly Eddie takes Myrtle Urkel to the debutante ball.
First aired Friday, Oct 3 1997

Drinking and Jiving (episode 197)
Laura drinks too much at a frat party; Carl and Harriette make conflicting anniversary plans.
First aired Friday, Oct 10 1997

Who's Afraid of the Big Black Book (episode 198)
Eddie's little black book provides the guest list for his 21st birthday party.
First aired Friday, Oct 17 1997

A Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Read (episode 199)
A chemistry experiment allows Urkel to read minds; Carl becomes troop leader of the Junior Woodsmen.
First aired Friday, Oct 24 1997

Stevil II: This Time He's Not Alone (episode 200)
Two live dummies haunt Steve and Carl.
First aired Friday, Oct 31 1997

Trading Places (episode 201)
Stephan tests Laura's feelings by trading places with Urkel; Eddie videotapes the police department.
First aired Friday, Nov 7 1997

A Pain in Harassment (episode 202)
Steve takes a $1 million basketball shot; Harriette fights back and gets a promotion.
First aired Friday, Nov 28 1997

Original Gangsta Dawg (episode 203)
A thug pursues Urkel's cousin, Original Gangsta Dawg (Jaleel White); guest Missy Elliot.
First aired Friday, Dec 5 1997

Deck the Malls (episode 204)
Urkel gets a job as a department store gift-wrapper.
First aired Friday, Dec 19 1997

Grill of My Dreams (episode 205)
Urkel trains to be a Japanese steakhouse chef; guest Pat Morita.
First aired Friday, Jan 9 1998

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do (episode 206)
Steve and Myra break up; Eddie leaves college to become a cop.
First aired Friday, Jan 16 1998

Crazy for You (episode 207)
Myra and Stephan plot to end Steve and Laura's budding romance; Eddie learns about guns.
First aired Friday, Jan 23 1998

Crazier for You (episode 208)
Myra shows up on Steve and Laura's first date; Harriette's engagement ring is secondhand.
First aired Friday, Jan 30 1998

Whose Man Is It, Anyway? (episode 209)
Myrtle and Greta fight about Eddie -- in the boxing ring.
First aired Friday, Jun 5 1998

Polkapalooza (episode 210)
Reluctantly Laura attends a polka festival with Steve; Carl cramps Eddie's style.
First aired Friday, Jun 12 1998

Throw Steve From the Train (episode 211)
Carl is stuck for hours in a train with unwitting stowaway Urkel.
First aired Jun 19 1998

Don't Make Me Over (episode 212)
After a cosmetic make-over, Myrtle decides she likes her old self better.
First aired Friday, Jun 26 1998

Pop Goes the Question (episode 213)
Both Urkel and Stephan propose to Laura.
First aired Friday, Jul 3 1998

Lost in Space (episode 214)
Urkel becomes the first student astronaut; Eddie becomes a meter maid.
First aired Friday, Jul 10 1998

Lost in Space (episode 215)
A wayward satellite hits Urkel's spacecraft; meter-maid duty turns dangerous.
First aired Friday, Jul 17 1998

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