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Darius McCrary in "Something to Sing About"Articles and more about Darius McCrary

-ABC Sit-Com Star Darius McCrary Sings For You! 1996
Darius McCrary (Biography, 1992)
Star Stats (1992)

-Listen to the Song "I heard it through the great Grapevine" performed by Darius McCrary, Jaleel White and Shawn Harrison in the episode "Aunt Oona" (No. 119 from 1994) eddie.mp3 (1,13 MB)

-Pictures of Darius McCrary as Eddie Winslow in Family Matters

ABC Sit-Com Star Darius McCrary Sings For You!
Columbus Times, 10-15-1996

Darius McCrary co star of the hit ABC sitcom, "Family Maters" recently made his debut club performance wood.

The 20 year old suave singer proved to be one of today's R&B balladeers as he sang some of the great R&B classics such as "Sign My Name", "Tell Me Something Good", and "Woman's Got To Have It". In addition to his extraordinary vocal performance, McCrary surprised the crowd not only when he accompanies himself on piano, but the drums as well.

Darius has starred on "Family Matters" for eight seasons, portraying Eddie Winslow, the adorable son of Carl and Harriet Winslow (Reginald Vel Johnson and Jo Marie Payton). He made his motion picture debut at age ten alongside Paul Winfield, in "Big Shots" and won accolades for his performance in the Oscar nominated "Mississippi Burning."

Darius McCrary in "Freedom"The audience was speckled with members of the chic Hollywood circle: Tichina Arnold (Martin), Kenny Blank (The Parent Hood'), Columbia Recording Artist Kenny Latimore, Alfonso Ribiero (Fresh Prince of Bel Air), Gospel Recording artist Inger Reid, former MC Hammer vocalist Denito, Dr. Bill J. Releford (chairman of the African-American Outreach Program for the American Diabetes Association), and the cast of Family Matters Kellie Shanygne Williams, Jaleel White, Reginald VelJohnson and JoMarie Payton.

Darius McCrary (Biography, 1992)

Los Angeles-born teen Darius McCrary portrays the adorable but slightly insecure high school student Eddie Winslow on "Family Matters." Since the show's first season, the number of girls discovering this gorgeous new talent is growing by leaps and bounds. No doubt you're curious to know more about one of America's newest heartthrobs.

Darius became involved in acting when his aunt, Chip Fields (mother of actress Kim Fields), was cast in a play whose musical director was Darius' dad. Chip, known for her ability to spot new talent, asked Darius' dad if she could take her nephew on an audition.

Darius' first role was opposite Paul Winfield in "Big Shots," from which he went on to appear in many television series and commercials. His favorite was a spot as "Wendell," a petty thief on a show called

"Hooperman." Darius says of the experience, "I love John Ritter; he was just awesome to work with." Darius also delivered a critically-acclaimed performance in the film "Mississippi Burning," as a young man who is racially harassed.

Now, on "Family Matters," Darius feels like he is home at last. In fact, he describes his dressing room on the set, where he frequently hangs out with his friends Balthazar, Zack and cousin Corey, as "the pad-during-the-week!" Says Darius of the close relationships the nine-member cast share, "They're all great ... we have a real sense of closeness. It's like a family; we all understand each other!"

When you speak to Darius, you get the feeling that a strong sense of values and morals is important to him. He lists those two qualities as the main reasons the audience finds the show so attractive. Darius spends a large portion of his free time working with charity organizations to give something back to his community, by helping to feed the homeless and "kickin' it" with a group called "Sons of Thunder," reformed street youths from his uncle's church. They go on graffiti hunts where they locate and paint over graffiti. "It reminds me that just because I'm successful now, it doesn't mean things will be the same tomorrow," Darius explains.

This sense of values and a respect for his parents is something that Darius looks for in the girls he dates, as well. Darius admits, "I don't have a girlfriend right now but l am looking!"

Besides dating, Darius enjoys a whole slew of hobbies and sports. He loves racing remote-controlled cars with his uncle and cousins, playing basketball, going to batting cages and reading everything from biographies ("The Autobiography of Malcolm X" is a particular favorite) to the poetry of Shel Silverstein ("Anything I can learn from," says. Darius).

Darius' major hobby these days seems to be music. He plays the drums, sings and dances, and loves doing all of them whenever he has the chance. He often works with his dad, creating new songs which he calls "mellow with a groove to 'em." Could a recording career be far off? Who knows? As for singers he looks up to, Darius shouts, "Marvin Gaye's the man! But I also love Stevie Wonder and Johnny Gill."

Darius attends school with an on-set tutor Tuesday through Friday, and goes to a regular school on Monday. He loves going back to his old school and "kickin' it with all my homies ... all the crazy guys at school." And Darius has recently discovered something very interesting about himself. He likes algebra. In fact, he calls it his favorite subject! Says Darius, "You know what's really a trip? I really like algebra. I hated it and trigonometry at first and it was just a pain in my side ... but now I'm actually beginning to like it! I never thought I‘d hear myself say that!"

One of Darius' favorite experiences was a visit to the set of "Hook," which was filming on a set adjacent to "Family Matters." Darius met Robin Williams, who took him on a tour of the giant pirate galleon used in the flick.

Darius enjoys all the great things that being on television has brought bim, but he also recognizes the special responsibility that comes with being a young star coming into children's lives every week. With Darius' convictions and obvious strength of character, you can believe he'll try to be a great role model.

Star Stats (1992)

Name: Darius Mc Crary
Character Name: Eddie Winslow
Character Description: The girl-crazy oldest child of the Winslow clan
Darius‘ Birthplace: Los Angeles, California
Birthdate: May 1,1976
Height: 5'9"
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Dark Brown
Darius Began His Career: At the age of one!
Hobbies: Hanging out with his uncle's church group, the S.O.T., racing remote-controlled cars, playing basketball, karate, air boarding, bungee jumping, soccer, football, playing keyboards and drums, and singing.
Little-known Darius Facts:
He eats only healthy foods and loves to juice everything. He jokes that he sees orange from drinking so much carrot juice.
His ultimate goal is to be a versatile actor, who can do both comedy and drama la Michael Keaton.
He has a younger brother and sister.

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